These pages are dedicated to my family - the PhilippineTarsier - People call us the smallest and cutest monkey in all the world.

We do have cousins in a few other countries in the Pacific Islands, Indonesia and Borneo for example, but they are slightly different to the Philippines Tarsier which the following pages will explain. 

Unfortunately Tarsiers are also an endangered species. At one time we lived in many SE Asian islands and countries but today we can only be found in a few. The best place to see the Philippine Tarsier is on the island of Bohol in the Visayas Region of the Philippines. Here we are a protected species and a Foundation has been established to help us.

You can read more about us and the Foundation inside these pages. I hope you enjoy Tarsier UK and if possible send some money or help to the Foundation so that they can continue their work to protect us.
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It is hoped that Tarsier UK will become one of the first on-line charities in the United Kingdiom (UK).
Details on membership are available if you e-mail us. Membership will be free
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Please Note - Tarsiers cannot be bought in the Philippines and should not be kept in captivity
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While you are here, why not visit our environmental section of pages to see how you could contribute to saving energy and thus help the environment. There is a need to stabilise the environment in order to help Tarsiers survive in the wild 
If you want a quick response to a question or a query for a school or college project, do not use the guest book. This is only check occasionally. Go to the 'Contact Me' page and send the request via an email. I read these everyday if I can.
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