Young Persons
Tarsier UK
Are you a bit of an artist?

Can you draw?

Do you like dreaming up your own version of what things look like?

Then draw a picture of a Tarsier, Scan it and e-mail it to us. We'll put it up on the site with your details. We will also use it (with your permission) when we have exhibitions and on our pictures page for other to see and ask your permission to use.
Please Note - Tarsiers cannot be bought in the Philippines and should not be kept in captivity
Quiz - All the answers can be found on this web site

1. What is the Latin name for me?

2. What do I eat?

3. When do our young use the distress call?

4. How many islands are there in the Philippines?

5. Where do I sleep?

6. What town is the Tarsier Foundation based in?

7. What type of 'locomotion' do I have?

8. How far can I swivel my head?

9. How tall am I when fully grown?

10. How many Chocolate Hills are there?

Email your answers to me. If you get them all right I will send you a certificate.
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On this page we intend to build up a resource for young people to use. We will be adding to this as we can find new ideas:

Diagram of Features for colouring
Print this picture off and colour it in. Then turn it over and see if you can remember the features of the Tarsier that are listed on the picture. There are eight in total on the picture.
Picture for colouring
Colour this picture in and then, if you have a scanner, send it to us ao we can compare it with a real Tarsier colouring and let you know how close you are.
email me
email me
Draw your own picture / cartoon and send it to us.
email me