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On this page are a number of links to items that have appeared on You Tube. Click on the link to see the item. If any items are not working please let us know.
Tarsier eating a mosquito
Tarsier pictures behind a karaoke
Tarsiers big eyes
Tarsier being fed from a stick
Tarsier eating
Tarsier at night
Although there are some films of us on You Tube and other media's where a person is holding one of my relatives or playing with us, we have decided not to show these on this site as it is now illegal to handle or frighten us in anyway. Therefore we will not encourage this.
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Some people believe that Magwai from Gremlins is based on the Tarsier.........
Not so, Email from Dreamworks:

Dear John,

We received your letter asking if Steven Spielberg used the Tarsier to form the Magwai character in Gremlins. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. It took some time to track down the answer. I talked to the filmmakers and there is no connection between the two. I hope that clears it up.