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Thank you for visiting my site, I'd like you to meet some of my family
Just so you can see how small we are here I am with my friend John
The three photographs below are provided by the very kind permission of John & Juli Mory who are doing Missionary work in Bohol and by Scott Williams who took the photographs. The photographs are subject to copyright - Copyright & copy; 2001 Scott Williams, USA.
Note from Tarsier - We cannot be bought in the Philippines and we should not be kept in captivity
Note from Tarsier: These photograph's and some below were taken a number of years ago and you are no longer allowed to handle a Philippine Tarsier. It is believed the handling of them by strangers causes stress to the animals as they are normally asleep in the daytime
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Tarsier UK would like to thank them all for permission to use these photographs
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We have published these photo's to demonstrate the size of the tarsier but as stated above you are no longer allowed to handle tarsiers unless you have a licence, although you can still see them at the Foundation in Bohol where trackers will take you to see them in their natural habitat. You are allowed to take photographs but without flash. A telephoto lens is recommended.
Now some more photo's of Tarsiers. Click on an image to see the bigger picture.
Tarsier UK has a library of over 150 photo's of tarsiers. If you would like a different one other than those on display please ask via email. These pictures will be changed from time to time.
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