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This area highlights people who have helped TarsierUK in some way.
Pinoy Foods of Bedfordshire - Donation

Tina & David Stafford - Donation & help with bookmarks

Gary Sealey - Donation of an exhibition stand. This will be used to go to Garden Centres and other public places to raise funds for the Tarsier

Lucy Mytton and her friends, Imogen Raistrick, Annabelle Young, Lily Traves, Katie and Sophie Llewelyn all go together and raised £45.10 for the Tarsiers by organising a cake stall. Lucy has completed a project on the Tarsier and rainforests for school. Well done Lucy and friends. This money has now been given to help a Tarsier project on the island of Mindanao

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Please Note - Tarsiers cannot be bought in the Philippines and should not be kept in captivity

What is TA you might ask?

TA is a term that means "Tell Another"

This is something that TarsierUK promotes for small UK Charities.

When somebody knows about you or has visited the web site we then urge them to tell somebody else about us so the word and therefore the knowledge spreads.

For those really dedicated to helping the Tarsier we would ask them to tell somebody else each month or week and get those other people to visit the website and sign the guest book.

Tell Another and spread the message!!
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There are a number of things you can do to help us Tarsiers. Click on the Links below to read about them and choose your own personal way to help.

Stop animals that are not domesticated from becoming pets

I know you wouldn't think it but there are problems with being the smallest monkey in the world. Many people think I'm cute with my big eyes, large ears and head that moves right the way around.

Some people therefore think I'd make a good pet! I don't really. I make a horrible pet because I get so lonely and frightened in cages and not being able to jump into the large trees, bamboo and thick vegetation. Many of my friends who have been taken for pets have been so depressed they have committed suicide! Depression isn't something that only affects you big people you know!

It is sad but Tarsiers are the only known animal to commit suicide. Lemmings don't rush off cliffs as the computer programmes and cartoons portray.

There are many animals that are taken from 'the wild' and brought into peoples homes as pets. Please do not do this. Wild animals like living in the wild not in a home environment however cosy you think you have made it.

Help preserve the rain forest.
Another reason for our smaller numbers is the reduction in area of the rain forests in the Philippines and other East Asian islands. The forests are being cleared for commercial development and housing for humans.  Much of this clearance is done by illegal logging operations that are not only destroying our habitat but also making mountains and hills dangerous places. In the Philippines there have been a number of disasters caused by these illegal operations when heavy rains have fallen and washed away the soil and ground from where the trees used to be. The Trees used to keep the soil and ground in place with their network of roots and without these the hillsides have become unstable. Sudden heavy rains that often happen in the Philippines during the monsoon periods can create huge mudslides that wash whole villages away or into the sea. People can be killed by this type of operation not only Tarsiers and the other creatures that live in the trees.

This reduction in area of our homeland is having a similar reduction in our numbers.  As more and more trees are cut down and not replaced the area where we live is reduced and so we tend not to have so big a family reducing our numbers.

The island of Bohol has the only man made rainforest in the world made from Balsa and Mahogany trees with some Banyan trees also because we love to live in these.

Give your support to organisations that are trying to prevent illegal logging and countries that have no control over the tree cutting. When you buy something made of wood try to ensure that it has come from what are called 'Sustainable Forests'. These are forests where when a tree is cut down at least one other tree is planted to replace it, thus ensuring the animals of a habitat and the world of a future supply of wood.
Only come to the authorised places to see my relatives.
In the Philippines the government has been very good at trying to preserve us Tarsiers. They have made it illegal to own a Tarsier unless you have a licence from them. There were a number of places on the Island of Bohol where you could see the Tarsier but many of these were either unlicensed or they were not complying properly with the licence conditions. Most of these licences have now been withdrawn and there is only one place now where Tarsiers can be viewed legally. That is the Tarsier Foundation in Corella, Bohol.

It is hoped that there will soon be a visitor centre on the island of Mindanao for seeing the Tarsiers there also but that is not expected to open until 2013 at least.

If you are in the Philippines please make sure you only visit correctly licensed places to see us.
Raise and send some money to either Tarsier UK or one of the other organisations that help us. Every little helps.
No organisation can afford to run these days without money. We all need to have some money to be able to pay for the things we need. Tarsier UK is no exception as running this site costs over £100 a year for just the charges to the internet company.

The web site is run and written by one person at the moment who is not an expert at these things but goes on what he has picked up doing it. We would like to get a professional on board to organise and run our web site so that it can start to support itself and hopefully make a little money to keep the organisation going. Therefore we too need money.

However the other organisations involved with helping us Tarsiers also need money so whether you donate to Tarsier UK or to the Foundation or to Endangered Species International, please consider giving something. You can give to Tarsier UK or Endangered Species International by clicking on the links on their pages.

TA - See this below!!
How you can use TA.

Think about the smaller charities that are in existence in your country. The big charities all have huge organisations that have media and communications departments, professional fund raisers and other professionals all working to keep their charity in the news and in the minds of the public. Small charities do not have such opportunities so TA was enlisted to help those that run a charity from home or from a small base locally to an area.

Sit down with a pad and pen and write down a couple of charities (no more than ten) that are in your area. If you don't know any or not ten then either stop when you have a few or search the internet to look for the ones around your location. make a list of those you want to support and write down a paragraph about what each of the charities do. The make a column on the right of the page and months or week dates down that opposite each of the charities. So the first of those would be today's date and then the next would be either one week on if you are going to do this on a weekly basis, or one month on for those doing it monthly.

Then each period you have chosen try to ensure that you tell at least one person during that period about that charity. This helps to spread the word. We do have people who have decided to tell one person each day of the period they have chosen so the information gets passed on to 7 people in a week. Excellent work.
Do something to raise awareness of the plight of me and my family in your local area.
Also have a look at the Roll of Honour of those that have helped Tarsier UK
Is there something I can do locally for the Charity??

Yes there is always something. If you have enough advance warning of an event coming up contact Tarsier UK and chat over your thought on what you might be able to do with John. You are able to use all the resources that are on this site to be able to print off pictures for display boards for instance or to make up leaflets.

While Tarsier UK cannot help with funding it can give you some ideas of what others have done in the past.

Ideas for spreading the word -

Let us know if you have done something different from this so we can add your suggestions and idea to this.