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If you really want to see us you could come to the Tarsier Trail. This is a pathway that meanders through the gentle rolling terrain of the interior towns of Corella, Sikatuna and Loboc, north of Tagbilaran City, the Capital of Bohol.

Over a distance of roughly 15 kilometres it traverses the natural habitat of us Philippine Tarsier monkeys giving you various vantage points from which you might just see a glimpse of me and my friends - The world's smallest monkey. The guides there will be able to point out where we are nestling in the bushes and trees.

In Corella, the Philippine Tarsier Foundation Inc., has set up a research and study centre. Attempts have been made to breed our species in captivity and these have been successful. You can read more about this in the Foundations own web pages on our links page.
Please Note - You cannot buy Tarsiers in the Philippines and they should not be kept in captivity
The British Prince Charles came to see me and was presented with one of my cousins. However being understanding of our very frail numbers and that we do not like to be separated from our loved ones he asked the Philippine President to make sure that my cousin was kept in Corella with his family.

At the Foundation you will also be able to see a few exhibits on what we eat, our bone structure and other information.

The Philippines Tarsier Foundation Inc,
14 Canapnapan
Bohol 6337

Tel: (0912) 5163375


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