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When you go shopping take some plastic bags with you, don't get a new set. Plastic bags can also be re-cycled in some shops. Other shops provide a large boot type container for you to re-use each time you shop. Think of these alternatives to picking up more and more plastic bags every time you shop. Some larger shops provide 'bags for life' for a small payment when the shop will replace a broken bag free of charge.

Re-cycle those catalogues that you get. Make sure that they are put in the re-cycle bin either at the store that provided them or in the councils recycling scheme.

Be careful what products you buy and look at the packaging they come in. Look to make sure the packaging can be recycled - looking for the recycling symbols especially on plastic. Then don't forget to have a recycling centre in your house. Buy a set of large cardboard drawers from a DIY centre and label them up for cloth, glass and cans; cardboard; paper and plastic. make sure all your recyclables go into one of the draws and every few weeks take them to the council recycling centre. See how much you rubbish collection goes down.

Don't forget the concentrates and larger packages of items that will help you travel to supermarkets and shops less and result in fewer lorries on our roads. Plan before you go and try to think of every possibility before you set out, so you have a complete list. Try to cut out one main shopping trip every three months and six incidental trips to the local shop.
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