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We all like to go out and enjoy ourselves. However with this comes responsibility, both for ourselves and others and also for the environment in which we live. If you watch the reality shows on the television especially those dealing with the Police, you will see people being drunk and doing damage to their own neighbourhood. That is not being a responsible adult.

When you think about going out whether it be for the evening or a day away somewhere think about what you are going to do and how you are going to conduct yourself when you are there.

The Tarsier pages has a list of places to go for days out and perhaps for a few hours where there are animal sanctuaries. These places need help and visitors often give them some help whether it be through entrance fees, feeding the animals or just by understanding a little more about the wild-life.

Try not to damage anything and always leave things as you find them so that others who are coming after you will also be able to enjoy the place you have been. Remember the five sections of the Countryside Code if you are going into the country:

There are many places to go around our coasts. If you like water sports remember the safety aspects of the sea and waterways.

Sport is available in many places for many types of sport. Remember safety in all you do and to be kind to the environment.  For sports like fishing don't forget the environment you are fishing in and do your best to respect the rules about your sport. Many birds die each year from lead shot poisoning and from getting tangled in nylon fishing line. Clean up after you.

If you are going out for the day, decide whether to buy food out or if you are going to take something with you. If you are taking food you might like to have a look at the advice on the school page for packed lunches. If you are buying out remember to ensure there is no litter left from what you buy.

Be safe and enjoy the environment around you leaving it safe and clear for other to enjoy.
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