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Don't forget to have a recycling centre in your house. Buy a set of large cardboard drawers from a DIY centre and label them up for cloth, glass and cans; cardboard; paper and plastic. make sure all your recyclables go into one of the draws and every few weeks take them to the council recycling centre. See how much you rubbish collection goes down.

See if the council have a scheme for collecting waste food. Some have a small container that they give you to go into the kitchen for all left-overs and waste food to be emptied into. They then collect this once every few weeks. If they don't have this look at having a compost bin in the garden and re-cycle the appropriate food as compost around your plants.

Look around the house and think ecology. What electric lights do you have. Are they long-life low wattage and are the lights left on when they could be switched off? However be careful. Some low wattage bulbs are thought to contribute to headaches for those that suffer from these, so do your research first. Also be careful if your kitchen or garage etc has four foot tube lighting. Again do your research but some of these use a large charge to actually switch them on and some can cost the equivalent of twenty minutes running time to get started. So in these cases if you are leaving the room concerned for less that twenty minutes it might be worth thinking of leaving it on.

How high is central heating and do you need it on for as long as it is currently? Turning the thermostat down a degree or two can save energy and cash on your bills.

What about those red glowing lights on the tele and other devices? How many do you have in your house? 14 in ours! Switch them off at night and when you are not using the device. Don't forget the ones on multi-socket extensions.

Do you use concentrates for things like orange squash and detergents? Where these are available a large concentrate can help save transportation of goods across the country and cut down the need to go to the Supermarket. Also consider larger packs of things you use often and plan ahead so that you don't have to make that mid week trip to the grocers or supermarket to get something you should have planned for.

Do a survey around your house to see what you can think of that will aid the environment and show the results to mum and dad. Do your research and see what financial savings can be made to help your argument to go green. Look at the Energy Links page to help you do this.