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Do you have a garden, either in the front or the back of your house? Does it have plants in it or is it covered in concrete? No matter what it is made of you can help the environment by using this space as a place where birds can come and eat, perhaps squirrels or other animals can use as a playground and where they can get something in bad weather - food and water.

Things to help birds:
     Different birds need different foods to sustain them. If you supply a variety of food you
     are more likely attract many species.  Household scraps such as pastry, cooked rice
     and breadcrumbs are enjoyed by many garden birds. Fruit, especially bruised apples
     and pears, will be popular with thrushes and blackbirds.  When you are buying bird  
     food, try to get a good mix of peanuts, seeds and live food such as mealworms and
     waxworms. Then you should have something to offer all the birds. Good ready-made
     mixes should contain sunflower seeds, broken peanuts, flaked maize and smaller
     seeds such as millet. Many supermarkets now sell specially prepared food for birds.
     Look for the ones that have the RSPB sign on them and then you know the contents is
     good for a wide range of birds. You will also find that some supermarkets also sell fat
     blocks for birds. These are well liked by our feathered friends.

For squirrels:
     Squirrels are primarily vegetarian, eating roots, stems, bark, shoots, leaves, flowers,
     fruit, and nuts from a wide range of plants. Do not attempt to handle squirrels. Any
     handling of these excitable creatures causes intense stress. It does not hibernate and
     is unable to conserve enough energy to survive for long periods without food. It is most
     active at dawn and dusk, when it searches for whatever fruit, shoots, and seeds are in
     season. Small thumbs on it's front paws allow it to hold securely as it feeds. The
     squirrel's diet varies according to season. It eats manly tree bark and fungi in the winter
     and buds in the summer. In September it eats nuts and acorns. A hungry grey squirrel
     will also raid a bird's nest for eggs, steal food from bird feeders and dig up plants. The
     squirrel buries extra food just below the soils surface, which it later locates by smell.

For Hedgehogs:
     Food should be put out at sunset, so that flies cannot lay eggs in it. If the food is not
     eaten by morning, it should be collected. A good hedgehog diet would include tinned
     pet food, chopped peanuts (not whole ones) or crunchy peanut butter, raw or cooked
     meat leftovers, muesli and a small amount of vegetables. They should not be fed on
     bread and milk if they are captive and cannot find other foods; this gives them
     diarrhoea .

Plants and flowers brighten up any space and no matter what your garden is made of plants and flowers can be kept either in the ground or in some type of planters, These hep birds and other animals by collecting water in their leaves and insects that they can eat as well as aiding the planet by the exchange of gases in the air. Without plants global warming would happen faster. Help slow this down by planting a bush or a small tree in your garden.

Be careful what chemicals you put on your garden. Choose chemicals with care and try to run your garden as chemical free as possible.